Wednesday, June 01, 2011

a coffee sack tote for the shop

With a half dozen or more bags in progress,
my sewing machine broke.
I am miserable without it,
luckily this bag was completed before
disaster struck.
It's in the shop
if you're interested.
A huge thank you to all who are patiently



  1. kim.cranson2:38 AM

    Aaaggghhhh. I'd be lost without my sewing machine too. Love the things you make.

  2. What a fab tote - love how you've put those fabrics together. And I do hope your machine is successfully repaired soon. I'd hate to be without mine.

  3. Thanks Ann! I am still waiting impatiently for my machine--I have borrowed my sister's in the meantime.

  4. Yes, I can't stand to be without it--luckily my sister's loaned me hers!


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