Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the annual Memorial Day flea market trip

My treasures from the Memorial Day flea market:
  1. black metal box
  2. gray enamel ware bowl
  3. small white pitcher
  4. old, world globe bank
  5. 'made in Poland' basket with handles {only $3}
  6. beautiful aqua mason jar with metal lid
  7. 3 feed sacks
  8. a short stack of vintage embroidered linens
  9.  1950's Speed-E-Whipper manual creamer...
...I used to have a new plastic version of the whipper--I loved it for making fresh whipped cream, but one day the plastic broke.  I was so happy to find this 50's glass/metal version!
Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  1. Brenda6:27 PM

    Hi Deb, What wonderful treasures you have given a new home to, they really are lovely xxBrenda

  2. kathleen8:26 PM

    That black box looks amazingly like one I have sitting right here in my living room which belonged to my great great grandfather and has his last name printed in a great script on the top...we got the box because I gave that name to my son as his middle name...I'm no fool.  :)

    And I'm so jealous of the globe.  I've been searching for globes in every thrift store I go in with no luck.

  3. Carly Green4:18 AM

    What gorgeous finds! I wish we had markets like that here! x

  4. Rhonda1:15 PM

    What does the bottom part of the cream whipper look like?  I wonder if I have seen them before and not know what it was.  What a great idea.

  5. Claire Slade3:15 PM

    Hi Deb, your flea market finds are super, you will certainly have fun finding homes and uses for them all. Love the aqua jar. 

  6. Chrisgreedy12:24 AM

    Everything looks so amazing, I love them all.  I too and am wondering what the bottom part of the whipper looks like, I'm wondering if I could find one that would match my vintage pink nut mill. hmmmm

    thanks for sharing
    Chris   chrisgreedy (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Rhonda3:31 AM

    I like all your finds!  :)

  8. Lovely finds!  I collect the aqua mason jars, love the one you found with the old zinc lid!

  9. I will try very hard to remember to get some pictures on the blog of the whipper in action!

  10. Thanks Claire, I've made the jar into a liquid soap dispenser--will try to get some pictures for the blog.

  11. I'm going to try to get some pictures for the blog of the whipper in action--remind me if I forget!

  12. Carly, thanks for your visit!

  13. I don't see them often, but this one was actually at a barn sale for $1.

  14. Thanks for stopping by!


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