Monday, June 27, 2011

making homemade whipped cream

My favorite whipped cream is homemade.
Although there is usually an emergency can of Redi Whip
in the fridge,
if I know I'll be wanting whipped cream
for something, I make sure I pick up
a little carton of heavy cream
{with no additives, preferred}
from the store.
I was excited to try out my new
and see how it would work.
After pouring a half pint
of heavy cream into the glass container...

...I added a tablespoon of vanilla sugar.
{Just add a split vanilla bean or two to
a jar of sugar, cover, and give some time
to flavor.} 

With the plunger inserted and the top secured,
I pumped the handle up and down
and had perfect whipped cream in no time.

My favorite new kitchen tool!



  1. ooo, yum! Nothing like the real thing. I find it hard to go back to store bought whipped cream since making my own.

  2. Joy George6:55 PM

    The gadget you have is also great for frothing hot milk to top off your coffee. I purchased mine, here in Oz, specially for that purpose when I didn't own an espresso machine.
    When I read the title It took me back to the last World War when we used to buy artificial whipped cream from the deli, it was called Kitty Kitchen Whip. During the war years dairy products were rationed so that there was supplies for the fighting forces. Gosh....that was awful gooey stuff. Now I suppose I have given your readers some idea of my age (lol)

  3. Vicki K6:55 PM

    Do  you like it better than an electric mixer?  There's something very charming about that Speed E Whipper script.  I hadn't thought about using vanilla sugar to flavor and sweeten.

  4. I do like it better than using my mixer-it's definitely quicker, and for me,
    it just seems much easier clean-up as well.


  5. Thanks for the idea Joy! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I'll have to tell my
    husband about that.


  6. asrichardson917:20 PM

    Aww I just love quirky old gadgets like that!

  7. Clreedmarquis7:27 PM

    What a neat gadget! I've never seen one for whipping cream. I love the taste of whipped cream and have been making it a lot more often. Yum..

  8. Store bought whipped cream? Why would anyone buy such a thing? Last week, I saw it in a shop the first ime in my life,  and I was so shocked I told everybody I met about it (I live in Germany). They all agreed it was totally unnecessary, even a bit pervert. Of course, it is full of additives, too.

  9. Oh I've got one of those - not a beautiful vintage version like yours but a plastic revival from a fabulous kitchen store here in the UK - Lakeland.  I'm going to find it at the back of the cupboard right now! Thanks for reminding me of it Deb - your waffles look D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

  10. Rhonda7:37 AM

    That's awesome!  I'm definitely watching for one of those!

  11. There is nothing like the taste of home made whipped cream.  This brought back memories of my mama making it for me and my sisters, before she would finish whipping the cream for butter.

  12. cucadeb8:54 AM

    theres just nothing better than fresh whipped mom ALWAYS made hers fresh, it even made jello special!!!!

  13. Rhonda8:14 PM

    That ... is ... NIFTY!  Real whipped cream is sooooo good!

  14. StorybookWoods11:16 AM

    How cool it that! Ohh I want one, great find!! Clarice

  15. Karen5:23 PM

    So, I'm a little late seeing this.  But not too late to find my own Speed E Whipper on Etsy.  It even came with the instructions.  hee hee  I'm ashamed to admit that I usually buy Cool Whip.  This will be so much better!  

  16. So glad you found one--have you tried it yet?

  17. I'm a bit late too. But, So nifty! Nothing like fresh whipped cream. Yum.

  18. Carol8:08 PM

    thanks so much for the directions for the speed e whipper. I have had this for years and display it with other antiques. Now I know what to do with it!

  19. I'm about to list one of these in my vintage kitchenwares shop and hopped onto Google to do a little research and came across your blog post. I'm glad to see it's such a useful item - it makes me want to try it myself!


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