Tuesday, June 28, 2011

waiting PATIENTLY!

Desperation is setting in--my sewing machine
went in for a minor repair on May 26th
and I still do not have it back.
The part needed was not even ordered until
weeks after I dropped the machine off...
I have been very polite on the several
occasions I've called them,
but secretly I did feel like screaming...I must
work on patience...:)
Thank goodness I have been loaned a
sewing machine, which is getting me by
for the lightweight projects ~ drawstring
pouches and some clothespin bags are in the works.
On a happy note, the workroom has a
lovely 'new' wastebasket, found
at a barn sale for a dollar...

I suspect the farmer had been keeping
tools/parts{?} in it,
but it cleaned up nicely.
{ Did you know that homemakers of old
would wax the inside of the wastebasket
to keep things from sticking and help it
to be easily emptied out? }



  1. DebbyMc (Quiltnbee)3:59 PM

    It is so frustrating to wait for something like that! Let's hope it gets fixed up soon.  I have a very similar paintednwaste basket that I also got for a steal, only it has a black background.  I love it in my 1948 NY vacation house =-)

  2. Denise Duclos4:09 PM

    MAY 26TH!!!!!!! That's like forever ago. Poor sewing machine must feel abandoned. I hope she can come home soon.

  3. Pomona x4:17 PM

    I know the feeling! My sewing machine has been away almost as long, but I have finally heard that it will be back this weekend. I really didn't think I would miss it quite so much, but I have been knitting, and hand piecing my Farmer's Wife quilt instead.

    Pomona x

  4. acorntooak.blogspot.com6:11 PM

    I can understand your frustration about the parts not being ordered and the wait for your sewing machine to be repaired.  I hope you get it back soon.  I LOVE your new/old waste basket!  It's so cute!  :-)

  5. Rhonda8:09 PM

    I hope your machine is back soon.   Neat waste basket!

  6. Clreedmarquis9:00 PM

    Nice waste basket! And good idea about waxing the inside. I don't know if I could give up my garbage bags though.
    I hope you get your machine back soon. I love mine and would hate to be without it for long.

  7. Lovely garbage pail.  Sorry for your sewing machine troubles :(

  8. lkling12:11 PM

    I got a 2nd small Bernina for when my other goes in for regular servicing. Must confess that to this day my husband has no idea there are two! Second one is a bit lighter so also good in case I want to take it somewhere else to sew...and then there is the featherweight!! .....I CANNOT be without a machine! 

  9. Dayle4:34 PM

    Love the garbage can.

  10. Kimberlylynn737:10 PM

    Hi-I've been following your post for years, but just started blogging last week myself.
    I recommended your blog to my daughter and she made a few of the potholders w/the old calenders dates on them.
    I'll have to try the waxing idea. Sometimes the oldest ideas are the best ideas! Usually cheaper!
    Drop by and say "hi" sometime. www.campandcottageliving.blogspot.com

  11. Mine is due for a service, but I just can't part with it!!! I feel your pain. I love the idea of the farmer with the flowery pink tool can....

  12. If I found out that they'd had my machine for two whole weeks before ordering parts, I might not be as patient and polite as all that!  I'd say you're being very nice.  I like the new trash can.

  13. heatherlynnie12:00 AM

    You always find the best things, Deb!

  14. Taryn4:25 PM

    My machine went in for a major repair so I don't have any release date expectations...yet.  I hope you have yours back soon if not already.

  15. So happy to say it's back!!

  16. Thanks for the visit!

  17. It was tough--but thank goodness it's back now :)

  18. Thanks Dayle--glad you stopped by!

  19. I am going to be on the look-out for the spare--great idea!

  20. Kathi Winter8:12 AM

    I love your creative ideas!


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