Monday, June 13, 2011

there's a lot to love about June

...especially out and about in the garden:

I love the combination here...

{johnny jump-ups & dusty miller}

{roses, peonies, and catmint}


{lovely lamb's ears}

{foxglove & another clematis}


{more roses}

{a bucket of nasturtiums on their way
in front of the henhouse}
Still lots of weeding to get done it seems;
if you have a method to keep up with it all,
please share :)


  1. Donna Rae Barrow11:52 AM

    Enlist husband... or neighborhood children... or passing strangers to help with the weeding!!!  Your garden is so lovely.

  2. aitsbevy11:55 AM

    all lovely...

  3. Heather Roy1:35 PM

    Beautiful!  I'm jealous of your lambs ear...mine doesn't get anywhere near that large!

  4. wow. It's all so very pretty. I never get tired of looking at lots of flowers. My weeding method to keep up is spend 15 minutes in the morning just pulling up anything that's not supposed to be there. Works well just to spend that little time each week day weeding. Depends, though, how large your gardens are.

  5. Julie Hunter2:13 PM

    Your garden is looking gorgeous! I wish I did have a good trick for weeding up my sleeves. For now it's pretty much don't ever stop weeding!

  6. Beautiful photos! :)

  7. Nanette4:35 PM

    Mulch!  here in Oz where water can be in short supply, I mulch heavily, even in winter.  Keeps the water in, light out, so weeds can't grow.  I use old straw from my chookpen, or sugar cane waste.

  8. Brenda5:03 PM

    Your garden is looking lovely, do you really have louvre shutters on your henhouse - thats amazing and very cute!

  9. colleenscraftshed9:21 PM

    Your garden is beautiful! I love all the photos.  I am a new follower and I am so glad I found your blog.

  10. Claire Slade12:35 AM

    your garden is looking lovely Deb, don't worry too much about the weeds! mine have taken over the garden completely!  pretty coloured foxglove, I only have a purple one.   Claire

  11. Rhonda10:44 AM

    Enjoyed seeing all the flowering things!  :)

  12. Thank you for the wonderful June stroll through your lovely garden.  So many of those I have longed for and my husband, the macho logger tree farmer, looks at me and replies, "deer candy".  It's true.  The first Summer after we were married, I filled the wide front porch with pots of beautiful flowers.  We came home one afternoon to find a three huge deer (one a large buck) on the front porch...browsing in the candy store!  Oh, well.  Now, we have a greenhouse and a garden behind a 6' chainlength fence...

    Wanted to tell you we just started our first "FARM" blog and you're in the blogroll!  ;-)  You can find it at:

    I'm keeping My Southern Heart!


  13. Your garden looks beautiful.

  14. Donna8:32 AM

    Love your blog. Always a visual feast.

  15. Thank you Donna, I'm glad you stopped by!

  16. Thanks for visiting!

  17. We do have deer around, and when we first moved here they ate our new little trees down to nothing. Now though, they don't seem to come into the yard, they just like to graze in the hay field.
    Thanks for the visit Dianne! I will be sure to stop by your blog.

  18. Thanks Claire! It's a gorgeous sunny morning here and I have already gone out and done a bit of weeding--it's one of those jobs which is never done, but I guess I really don't mind :)

  19. Thanks Colleen, I'm glad you stopped to visit!

  20. Thanks Brenda! Yes, I found the louvred shutters at a yard sale and knew right away they would work on the henhouse on either side of the yard sale door.

  21. Yes, you're right--mulch helps immensely! Sadly I haven't gotten to it yet this year and everything seems in need.

  22. That does seem to be the best method for me--with everything! :) And I really don't mind the weeding, and oftentimes enjoy those peaceful moments as well.

  23. Thank you for visiting!


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