Thursday, June 16, 2011

this week...

::hoping the birdhouse gourds, grown last year,
soon become occupied...

::picking the first of the strawberries;
there are not a lot, and they are small,
but the flavor is most delicious this year...

::enjoying meals outside with a view...

::feeling relieved that the soil finally
dried out enough to plant the vegetable gardens
this past weekend...
::hoping the now-grown Silkies will not wreak
too much destruction...



  1. Suzanne Chanis2:20 PM

    Your silkies are adorable! They look like real characters:-)

  2. What a beautiful spot you have there! I love the gourd homes- Do they grow on a tree?

  3. Your silkies are comical:)  Wish I could have chickens here, but the town frowns on it, I have a tiny yard and a new bird-loving (chasing) golden retriever .

    I have seeds for bottle gourds.  I grew them about 10 years ago, but I didn't know how to dry them properly.  How did you dry yours?  On the vine?  Mine were picked just as the weather got cold, and I left them on my porch for weeks.  They got  dry & moldy  but  since we have allergies, I couldn't bring them in the house.  I gave them to a lady from the gas company who knocked on my door.   I'd love to know how you got yours to dry.  I know you can scrape the mold off but perhaps  there's more to it?  Thanks.

  4. Rhonda6:03 PM

    I enjoyed this post - that looks like a nice place to sit outside and eat.  :)

  5. Rose Marshall10:53 PM

    How amazingly green it is to these Aussie eyes.

  6. Lovely silkies and birdhouses.  Best of luck!

  7. That looks like a nice place!  I love the gourd homes.

  8. Storybookwoods9:49 AM

    Sighhhh, you must never want to leave your house. There is such a calmness, that comes through in your photos xoxo Clarice

  9. The first time we've tried silkies, and they seem to be really nice birds!

  10. Thanks Natasha. The gourds actually grow on a vine--I have some pictures here:

  11. Dee, I left the gourds on the vine until shortly before the frosts. I stored mine in the basement, and yes they do get quite moldy. When they were dried out inside, I washed & scrubbed them with a solution of bleach and water. Some I did then spray paint.

  12. Everything is quite lush after all the Spring rains we had, of course the weeds are doing well too!

  13. Thanks Melissa--so far, so good.

  14. They do have the softest, fluffiest feathers!

  15. Calm is the goal, though there are certainly some days I am just not feeling it!

  16. Kara Tippetts5:54 AM

    What beautiful birds! How lovely.


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