Monday, August 01, 2011

blueberry season

There's been a lot of blueberry picking going on
for the last couple weeks.
Our blueberry bushes are quite loaded with
berries this year, though the Japanese beetles
have taken a toll on a fair amount of them.
Most of the blueberries are being frozen,
some dehydrated for scones or granola,
and some have found their way into a pie,
some smoothies,
When I don't feel like heading out to pick ~again~
I think of how good they will taste mid-winter.

It's an extra special tea time
that's enjoyed outside, with a piece
of fresh blueberry pie
and some new library books
to look through...
I'll be back with a peek at the
books I found.


  1. Claire Slade12:27 AM

    looks a good pie Deb, glad you are making the most of your garden, ours hasn't been touched this year, must make an extra special effort next year.  Claire

  2. Matty6:27 AM

    Our blueberries have gone crazy, too. Since I sell at our Farmer's Market, that is a good thing.

    I can ours and they come out of the can looking as fresh as they were just picked. Enjoy!

  3. Clreedmarquis8:02 AM

    Your pie looks so yummy! All our berries are finished, but we had a good season. Soon the grapes will be ready, and I will make jelly and juice.
    Hope you are surviving the heat! Don't know what we would do without AC!

  4. Storyfamily9:16 AM

    Miss Deb,
    I am a regular reader, byrd a first time commenter. (I've been lurking) ;-)
    I just love how your blog and pictures make me feel like I've come home! When I saw you were "in to" tea and books, well I just had to comment! :-D
    Thank you for the quiet moment!

  5. Beautiful and oh so yummy!

  6. Beautiful pie!  My husband LOVES pies and starts hinting from time to time...and I know it's time to make one!

  7. Rhonda1:05 PM

    Good grief that pie looks good!!!!!  Please sling a slice my way!!!!

  8. TreeHuggerSuzanne2:27 PM

    Looks so delicious! I tried freezing fruits and veggies last year for the first time and they were mushy and tasteless.  I think I left them soaking too long to clean them before freezing.   Do you use any sprays on your blueberries?  Do you soak them or just rinse them off? Since I'm not growing my own I feel unsure about how sanitary it would be to just rinse off and freeze.  They look so good!!!

  9. Carla3:48 PM

    Oh everything looks so beautiful!  I have thought about planting blueberry bushes  but have been told they are hard to raise due to birds getting them.  Have you ever had that problem?  How many bushes do you recommend starting with?

  10. Jackie Penn3:49 PM

    I went to a U-Pick place for blueberries this year since the drought and the deer got all of mine. I froze them. Maybe I will try your blueberry buckle this week...looks yummy!


  11. We have no air conditioning, but except for a couple of the hottest weeks, our house stays fairly comfortable.
    Homemade grape jelly--sounds wonderful!

  12. Tea & books--two of my favorite things for sure!  So glad you stopped to say hello :)

  13. Our blueberries are grown organically, so after I pick them, I just rinse them and freeze them...the mushiness you had may have been from soaking too long as you said.

  14. Thanks Carla!  We have one row of about 8 bushes--two each of four different varieties.  Since they've matured, we get plenty of berries for the year.  We do cover the bushes with netting to keep the birds from getting them.

  15. If only we could get together for some tea & pie!!

  16. It all looks wonderful! I'd love a piece of pie please! My 'problem' is the cherry tree at the bottom of the garden at the moment - I've been picking for at least 3 weeks now and they still keep coming, though the wasps are starting to put me off now. Luckily I've picked most of the fruit in my reach now.... but the apple trees are starting to look ready!!!!!

  17. Yum, I want to come over!

    Welcome to St. Blogs.  I'd like to invite you to join other Catholic bloggers for a weekly feature, Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival in which we share our best posts with each other.  This week's host ost is at

  18. Denise Duclos9:58 PM

    I'm lucky to have a friend with a berry/peach farm. We have a barter going and I think I have the better of it. When I saw that you freeze dried the berries for granola I really got excited. I tried this last year and got little marbles as a result. Someone told me I should have soaked them in a sugar solution. Any tips? I also make my own granola and my family would be trilled to have one with a blueberry theme.

  19. Denise, here's a good article on dehydrating blueberries:

    I'm fairly new to this, and my dried blueberries sometimes come out hard as well-perhaps I'm leaving them in the dehydrator too long. I've never tried the sugar solution soak-that might help!


  20. Do you have a problem with birds eating your cherries-my parents and brother have trees, but the birds end up getting most of the cherries!



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