Tuesday, August 02, 2011


            The library is one of my favorite places!
On my last visit I found three books of interest,
and while I sit here on the glider,
watching the sun set on a busy day,
I will share them with you.
1)The Knitter's Year by Debbie Bliss...

...with lots of lovely projects to last the whole year through,
 like the pretty pot covers above,
and these fingerless gloves,
which I can't wait to make...

This book is full of ideas to reuse old objects,
one of my favorite things to do :)

If I could learn to do the simplest of watercolor painting,
I would be happy.

I am hoping this book can help me do it...

I found a small watercolor set on clearance
at Michael's for $7 marked down from $26--perfect!
My first painting was done on our last visit to
the lake--not great, but it's a start...


  1. Julie Hunter7:56 PM

    Those look like some really good books. I just saved them to my Amazon wish list!

  2. Clreedmarquis8:04 PM

    Good  luck on the water coloring. I really wish I could draw and paint,  so I could do old time botanicals. But my the talent is just not there. Oh well, there are many other things I can do!  

  3. Deb, do keep at the watercolour and make sure you have decent paper. It doesn't have to be expensive but it should be at least 200gsm and made from mainly cotton. A good foundation makes all the difference.

  4. Sharon Kilby3:08 AM

    ohh such lovely books - I am so inspired to share my book pile now!  Thank you

  5. sarahdouglas814:15 AM

    What lovely books. I love libraries too and can lose many hours browsing the shelves. 

  6. Vicki K.11:18 AM

    I am with you on the watercolors  - just the simplest ones are so charming.  It would be nice to make your own and have an endless supply!

  7. Claire Slade4:47 AM

    Like your choices of books, and now looking forward to seeing your first watercolours

  8. These books look lovely. I have requested them at the library.


  9. Hope you like them Ruth.



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