Friday, August 26, 2011

this summer's garden

A May that was all rain, and a June
that had virtually no rain made
for some difficult gardening,
...string beans planted twice that never came up
...ears of corn that never filled out
...and a poor crop of broccoli
But, some things did really well,
...zinnias, sunflowers, black-eyed susans, and
morning glories are plentiful--the morning
glories are covering the fence on
the east side of the henhouse and have
found their way inside, where they are
blooming above the nesting boxes--sadly
it has not improved the number of eggs I'm
...there are tons of cherry tomatoes,
which I eat for lunch and put into tomato,
basil, & mozzarella salads.
...there are plenty of eggplant--some I am
dehydrating {first time trying this},
and some went into penne alla Norma--excellent!
...lots of zucchini for freezing and being
baked into my favorite chocolate courgette
...several different peppers, onions, and collard greens
have done well,
and butternut squash, lumina pumpkins, and one
lonely watermelon are coming along.
...the cucumbers vines are starting to shrivel.
In between gardening chores,
I started a quick upholstery project... back with the results.



  1. It is all so beautiful! Wonder if the hens are enjoying the morning glories? :)

  2. Rhonda6:05 PM

    Enjoyed your pictures!

  3. Beautiful photos... especially the purple flower... such contrast, very pretty.

  4. Frieda6:44 PM

    Your garden looks beautiful! I especially love morning glories.  Just curious; how do you prepare zucchini for freezing?  I've frozen it in the past and when I take it out to use it is just a watery mess.
    I really enjoy your blog!

  5. Look at that bounty! It looks wonderful despite all the things you say didn't work out. It seems like it wasn't the best year for gardening in a lot of areas! I like the looks of your upholstery project so far! 

  6. Clreedmarquis8:24 PM

    This summer's weather was weird. My garden did pretty well though. The chickens got into my cucumbers and destroyed them. But we have a lot of tomatoes and peppers, so I'm happy!

  7. Thanks Jean!


  8. Thanks Rhonda-glad for the visit!


  9. Thanks Debi!


  10. I just grate the zucchini using my food processer, and then I put it a freezer bag or jar. When thawed, mine is always a bit watery-I just use it all in my baked goods recipes, and it comes out fine. If there's a better way, I'm not sure.if anyone has any ideas, please join in.


  11. Thanks Jaimie!


  12. The tomato worms did a lot of damage here this summer-I just found another today.oh how I hate picking those things off!


  13. www.theeevolvinghomemaker.com4:24 PM

    glad to know my garden hurdles are somewhat universal!  my broccoli was such a disappointment this year! enjoy the bounty you do have!


  14. I've heard so many say that this year was not good for gardens.  Last year we had an over abundance of garden produce, but this year we moved before planting, so no veggies to can or freeze here.  Maybe it's a good thing we didn't try it.
    I've never tried growing eggplant before, but I should because we love it roasted.
    I got your comment today, and have not had a chance before now to see if my comment posts.  Hope it will now!  Thanks for letting me know, Debbie. 


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