Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a footstool makeover

This little footstool started out with a
dingy brown velvet covering which
it was wearing when I bought it.
I was in my needlepoint phase,
{yes, that is mismatched green wool you see}
and one of my first projects was
to staple this finished piece
to the footstool...

A couple years ago, I crocheted a cover
for the footstool,
which just slipped right over the needlepoint...

Lately I've felt ready for a change and
a little less color, so 
I removed the crocheted cover and the needlepoint,
took a coffee sack--which I would usually
sew into a tote bag--and cut out a cover
for my stool...

The burlap coffee sack was stapled to the underside,
and then I used black upholstery tacks to attach
some wonderful jute braid that I found at Walmart.
I should finish the underside off with a black
fabric dust cover, but haven't gotten to that yet...

It presently sits right next to my cubbie unit,
handy for whenever I need to reach something up high...



  1. Shine5:49 PM

    Love it! Actually...I loved all your covers, but for now...I like this one best:) Blessings~~Shine

  2. Yay! Since my last comment published, I'll leave another one here.  I LOVE that footstool.  I've loved everything you've done with it in the past, and I love it in its present state, too.  I have one very similar to yours that has sort of a hooked rug appearance to it.  I can't quite talk myself into changing it out yet.

  3. I LOVE your new cover, especially since the little town I live in is Milan!!


  4. Katy A7:52 PM

    It looks fantastic!!

  5. Clreedmarquis9:53 PM

    Very nice cover. I have an old ottoman that needs something, guess I just have to do it!

  6. Wonderful transformation!  I love the cubby it's sitting by too!

  7. Great project. Love how it has a history....

    Have you blogged about the shelving unit behind it in the post? So curious as to where it came from and how big each bin is. Looks perfect for my desk area.

  8. StorybookWoods10:13 AM

    great redo. I love your sense of style xoxo Clarice


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