Thursday, September 01, 2011

canning day

The new Aracauna and Black Australorp hens,
who have been free-ranging for some time,
have suddenly discovered the tomatoes in the garden...
half-eaten remains were still hanging on the
vines when I went out early this morning.
Since our tomato crop is pretty meager this
year, I was especially unhappy!...needless
to say they will be relocating to the confines
of the henhouse and the enclosed chicken yard
until the garden is officially done.
I did my first cannerful of tomatoes today,
but only had enough for 4 quarts...if I
can get 30 more, I would be happy :)...and
would be really nice.
The cherry tomatoes {in my newly acquired 50-cent
yard sale wire basket}
are abundant and wonderfully sweet...
wondering if they would make a good marinara sauce?



  1. kathleen5:49 PM

    I think I'd be cooking up some chicken surprise!  LOL  I love the top picture with the different tomatoes and the full canning beautiful.

  2. Clreedmarquis8:52 PM

    Our chickens got into the cucumbers and ate everything! It seems weird to buy cukes in the summer. 

  3. Cheryl8:57 PM

    My hens to get be on the loose before the gardens goes in, and after the garden comes off. Other than that, they are jailed birds!!

  4. Bridgette9:31 PM

    I've been canning tomatoes also. I call it Saving Summer :)

  5. I've not had enough to can in the past two years.  I miss those jars in the winter.  Your jars look so pretty, and I love that little basket!  I'm a big fan of thrifting/antiqueing, so I spotted that right away.  Have a great week-end!

  6. Mrs Mom8:37 AM

    our first tomato canning day is scheduled for next Tuesday or Wednesday...let the games begin....

  7. love the look of that table. Richard

  8. Saoirse1:38 PM

    So, that's what the Americans mean when they refer to canning! It all looks fabulous! Is this a very popular thing to do with most Americans or is a caring, select few?

  9. Mary Ann Yoder9:46 AM

    I think the cherries would work fine, I actually found a tomato preserve recipe at that called for cherry tomatos... but ours have now gone by.

  10. rebecca hafkemeyer10:12 PM

    Canning seems so daunting, do you have a resource for temps to seal with etc.?


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