Monday, September 12, 2011

handwork while you wait

I did it--I've finished a sock!!
I had to rip out a couple times and
wasn't sure I was going to make it through--
when it came time to shape the gussets,
I didn't arrange the stitches properly
on the needles...knitted awhile and realized
something was very wrong.
I ripped out and read the instructions
over & over til they finally sunk in,
and then it made perfect sense.
Then I cruised along, but upon finishing
the toe, I found the sock was too short...ripped
out again and easily corrected that.
I've cast on for the second and am thinking
it may be a good 'take along' project to pack this week
for my flight to Atlanta--I must have
something to keep my hands {and mind} busy on the plane,
{I'm not really fond of flying}.
Speaking of 'take along' projects,
I hope you will check out Handwork While You Wait Week
at Benita's website ~ Victoriana Quilt Designs.
Each day will feature a guest post encouraging taking along handwork with you, for those times you have to wait.
Plus, Benita will also be giving away a prize ~
a FQ Sampler from Connecting Threads 'Bit's & Bobbins' fabric, plus Yo-Yo Maker, Embroidery Angle Scissor and a Spring Design Tape Measure!  The fun starts today... 
just click on the button below
to check it out.




  1. Clreedmarquis9:22 AM

     Congrats on making the socks! I haven't tried them yet, but my husband wants a pair of wool socks for the winter. He is an old hippie Birkenstocks with socks guy:) I used to make very intricate sweaters, so maybe I can do socks too.

  2. I have always wanted to try making a sock.  Your sock looks great!  I have only been knitting for about 2 years and maybe I'll try socks for my next project!

  3. Thanks so much for the link to Handwork While You Wait....I have just discovered the joy of english paper piecing and today's post was the perfect inspiration to get an "on the go" bag put together. Wish I was brave enough to toss in a sock project as well!

  4. Cheree Hull9:26 PM

    I'm fairly new to knitting (just a couple years) and I can't wait to try socks!  Good job!

  5. mmholder561:48 PM

    These days the only way anything gets done is taking it with me. It is surprising how much knitting can be done in those snippets of time between things. I have a little bag in my bookbag or purse all the time. If I have to wait, I pull it out and maybe get a few stitches or rows done. My grandmother always said one could accomplish much if one used their time well!

  6. Knew you could do it!

    You'll be needing your cosy socks soon and we'll be putting ours away...

  7. sewnup1:18 AM

    The sock looks great.  Don't you just love wooden/bamboo knitting needles?  Especially for socks, the metal ones always slipped out for me.

  8. Well done you for persevering! And they look super cosy too. I ALWAYS have to have a 'carry with me' project I can take to my Mum's for a cuppa, in the car, or on a day out.

  9. Vickie8:26 PM

    Your socks are wonderful!  Socks are my favorite things to knit.  I learned cuff downs first and have in this past year learned to do toe ups.  As much as I like the idea of toe ups and keep going back to what I learned first; cuffs down.


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