Wednesday, September 14, 2011

while I'm away

Granola and yogurt have been made,
there's a pear cake in the fridge,
tomatoes and pears have been dehydrated,
the bathrooms are all cleaned
and bed sheets are changed,
the garden has been picked,
the henhouse cleaned,
and the freezer is full
for my family left behind.
I'm headed to Georgia and Tennessee
to spend time with my sisters, aunts, cousins,
 and mother ~ sure to be much fun!

  Although I'm gone, I'll be guest posting over at
Victoriana Quilt Designs today,
where you'll find the pattern for the dishcloth
pictured above.
Just click on the button below
to pop on over.

Have a great week!!
~ Deb


  1. Kathleen Grace2:55 PM

    Whew! You have certainly earned your vacation! Have a great one:>)

  2. Karen3:12 PM

    You've been a busy lady!  Have a wonderful trip (I have family in Georgia, too)!

  3. Having a break means working hard first doesn't it. :) Have fun Deb.

  4. Taryn8:30 PM

    You just inspired me to get off the computer and go do some cooking and cleaning.

  5. Cecarrick5:41 PM

    Thanks Deb~ Since I'm commuting 300 miles to care for aging parents and find myself waiting in DR's offices or otherwise "waiting", this link will be most appreciated! I'm so glad you posted your wonderful dishcloth which I find very adorable.


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