Friday, September 30, 2011

home sweet home

As much as I hate to see a vacation end,
it's always a good feeling
to return home again... wipe the shimmering dew from the clothesline
and hang some laundry in the early morning sunshine, check on the flower gardens and see what's
in bloom, happily note that the pitiful little
pear tree is covered with pears this year, admire a fresh coat of paint on the henhouse, make sure the chickens are all doing well
and to see if they've begun laying again,
 so I can stop
buying store bought eggs
{no such luck}.

...and to enjoy an early morning walk
with my pal Marley.



  1. Lilian L5:28 PM

    I love coming home after a trip too. 

  2. Wonderful things to come home to!! Love the chickens...wish I had some!

  3. Angela7:40 PM

    Home is a nice place to be. Welcome home!

  4. Kathleen Grace9:19 AM

    The best thing about vacations is their ability to make us so grateful for home:>)

  5. Karen6:38 PM

    It's always so nice to come home, and I'm glad you had a good time and are back!  Beautiful pictures!

  6. Missed you.  I sort of wish your life could be set to music.

  7. It's nice to travel but even nicer to come home.  Loved the post and the pics!


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