Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas 2011 ~ Part 1

  Happy New Year Everyone!
I hope your holidays
were joyful.
Here is a look back at ours,
{ Part I }...

...and in case you are wondering,
the candles were only lit for a very short time
yes, we did have the fire extinguisher at the ready.
See you soon for Part 2.



  1. Meggie MacPherson5:32 PM

     Your blog inspired me to start one of my own. Thank you for all the beautiful projects you shared this past year.

  2. How fun to use real candles if only for a short time.  Everything is always so lovely here. 

    Did you make the two little wreaths on your cupboard?  If so, could you show how.

  3. Debbie8:06 PM

    i love the little wreaths on your kitchen cabinets. How did you attach them? I have always wondered about that because I would like to do it too! Love your blog! thank you!

  4. The wreaths are artificial, bought from a craft store...not sure where.  I just looped them through some ribbon I found at Joann Fabrics and tacked the two ends of the ribbon together to the top of the cabinet door. 

  5. Thanks Debbie!  I just looped the ribbon through the wreath and then used a flat head thumb tack to tack the ribbon ends to the top of the cabinet door.

  6. Thanks Bevy--happy New Year!

  7. That's great, best wishes with your new blog!

  8. connie8:54 PM

    hi deb....lovey photos of your christmas.  so charming and simple.  i especially like the choir girl candles - we had the exact same ones in our house when i was growing up!!  looking forward to a wonderful year ahead with your inspirational blog.

  9. Terri Cox11:26 PM

    Lovely!  I had some of those choir candles as a child.

  10. Hi Debbie,
    I love the real candles on your tree.The wreaths on the cupboard doors add a lovely touch. Thumb tacks and sticky tape are two of my best friends when it comes to putting 'little touches' around the house Happy 2012.
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia

  11. Deb your home is so cozy and I just love the decor.  the wreaths hangin on the cabinet is my favorite.

  12. Beautiful photos and I loved the real candles on the tree...even though obviously you couldn't leave them lit!  Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas...

  13. TreeHuggerSuzanne5:07 PM

    I had such a moment of nostalgia as I looked at your pictures.  Your farm home reminded me of my Grandmother's when I was  child.  I could even smell the fresh air and natural scents of the farm.  I really like the simple, rustic Christmas.  Wishing you beauty every day for your New Year. 

  14. How pretty.  My grandparents in Germany always used real candles (I think that's what most people do there) on their tree. It just made it so much more special.

  15. Thanks Jenn-glad you stopped to visit!



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