Thursday, January 26, 2012

in the kitchen recently

The last couple weeks have been pleasantly
busy, spent mostly in my workroom
and at the sewing machine, filling a wholesale order.
I did find time to make a few favorite recipes,
though not all of the edible type.
1. glazed orange scones--I had no pecans to place
on top, but they were still delicious.
Recipe here.
2.  lime body scrub--the perfect relief for dry
winter skin:
Stir together 2 cups Epsom salts and about
1 cup light olive oil or sunflower oil
Add 8 - 10 drops essential oil {citrus makes
a wonderfully refreshing scent}
Spoon into your preferred container,
ie. canning jar, etc.
3.  facial oil cleansing blend--I've been using the
Oil Cleansing Method for several weeks and love
how it leaves my skin.
You can read more about it here.
So many readers have asked about making
or purchasing a vintage book planner,
that today I am working on a tutorial
and hope to have some for the shop stop back again to find out more!



  1. connie9:10 PM

    hi deb....that oil cleansing method sounds FANTASTIC!  i am so going to try it.  just reading about it makes my skin feel good!  and btw, i spent yesterday afternoon getting my planner together.  still a couple things to add to make it ptrettier, but it's functional.  thanks SO MUCH for the inspiration.

  2. StorybookWoods12:57 PM

    Isn't is wonderful to use homemade things? Cheaper, safer and the happiness of making it yourself!! I love the cleansing oil too. Clarice

  3. I was elated to read you would be -sharing- this incredible tutorial with us! Might I inquire as to the ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS of the upcycled personal planner and this current tutorial version?

    LOVED the yellow lined paper you actually printed your calendar on! Have you found the use of paper reinforcements necessary for interior pages? Hopeful you'll share every inch of your personal planners interior with your readers! Well, not the real personal stuff. {wink}

    LOVE your blog and have even recommended this to friends!



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