Friday, January 13, 2012

the pudding story & some new bags

Reader, Pam, asked:
Did I miss your comments on the Christmas pudding? Have you eaten it yet?

...and I realized,I completely forgot to let you all know how my very first Christmas pudding turned out :)
After having stored the pudding on a basement shelf,
where it was cool and dry,
and brushing it regularly with some spiced rum,
I brought it up on Christmas Eve, which
we were hosting.
I put the pudding in my large crock pot and
steamed it {read this idea, somewhere?}
After the recommended time, I unmolded it...that
did not go so well.  For the most part it came
out intact, but there was a bit of
was not a beautiful presentation ~ hence no
dramatic photos.
I didn't trust myself to 'light' it and
served it, as is, with some rum sauce--a recipe
that reader Wendy shared--thanks Wendy!
Luckily looks are not everything,
and the pudding tasted delicious.
We had leftovers, which were steamed and eaten the rest
of the week, sometimes with
vanilla ice cream, mmmmm.
So thank you to all who left helpful
comments and advice--I wouldn't have known
what I was doing otherwise.
I can't wait to give it another try
next Christmas.
The Christmas tree and decorations were
taken down last weekend,
and it was nice to spend some time this week
at the sewing machine.
If you're shopping for a new tote
for the new year,
or a drawstring pouch,
here's what I've added to the shop:

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on the success of your christmas pudding.  You are right - taste is so much more important than presentation. 

  2. Now who wants a perfect-looking pudding?  Perfect would have made it look like a shop-bought one.  Better to taste the love and care that had been stirred in!

    Glad it went well but don't be scared to light it next time.  The drama makes your guests go 'OOOOOOHHHH!'. :)

  3. Gumbolily6210:42 AM

    I have never made Christmas pudding, but I'd love to try it.  The drawstring bag and totes are really sweet!

  4. It doesn't matter what the pudding looked like its the taste thats important! So glad you tried the rum sauce, hope everyone liked it! 
    The bags are stunning, as usual.
    Wendy x

  5. Thank you Wendy! And everyone liked the sauce-I doubled the recipe, which made a lot.


  6. Lighting the pudding next Christmas shall be my challenge :-)



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