Wednesday, March 07, 2012

a knitting notions pouch

This is my little weekend sewing project,
which was so long
You would think that with the numerous
knitting projects I have going on, simultaneously,
I would be a bit more organized.
Instead, all my little knitting notions and doodads
have been scattered about--in a basket here, a knitting bag there,
or in a bowl on a book shelf...
When I need something, it's never where it should be
and a desperate search ensues :)
But no more,
I have sewn up a simple little pouch
using a leftover piece of canvas grain sack
and a metal zipper--no lining, nothing fancy--but very functional.

{ Note ~ those little metal candy tins
make great holders for the little bits & bobs. }
Now, with everything contained, my trusty
pouch can move with me from project to project...the
current one being the garter yoke cardi...


  1. Anonymous2:09 PM

    It's so simple, yet absolutely lovely.

  2. That's just lovely, Deb!
    It does indeed make a big difference to be able to access your notions on the spot when the need arises.
    And I love how your new case coordinates beautifully with the basket and the yarn :)

  3. Such a great little bag to hold your knitting supplies. I think I need to make one of these. I love that you didn't waste that cute little grain sack fabric leftover.

  4. How perfect! I love using bits of leftover fabric for things like this. Time to dig through my scraps again! Thank You for the inspiration...again.

  5. So cute and I love that canvas grain sack fabric!

  6. I am exactly the same way, everything scattered everywhere...if only I had a little pouch like this one...maybe someday :)

  7. That's a fine idea. I need to make one for my embroidery stuff. One pouch to haul around all the little things.

  8. Great idea...think I might just make myself one of those :)

  9. simple but yet so beautiful!


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