Friday, March 09, 2012

thinking Spring

Yesterday was gloomy and rainy, but an early Spring is
in the air ~ the birds are chirping,
the geese are flying in formation overhead,
and I've heard a robin has been sighted.
In the gardens, the many bulbs we planted out
last November--tulips, allium, daffodils and narcissus--are
now pushing up through the ground.
Realizing that hanging laundry out on the line
may be not too far off,
I got started on some clothespin bags
for me and for the bag is getting a bit
well-worn and faded and I think I'll treat
myself to something new.

With gardening season looming and a freezer
still loaded with a lot of grated zucchini
from last summer, the muffins for the week are
zucchini with dried cherries...

...a long time favorite, and if you are
interested in the recipe, you can find it way back
here from 2006.



  1. Ooh, Deb! I have been hanging out clothes here whether or not the weather has been good! I just can't wait to get a jump on spring, and the thought of fresh lined sheets really got me going! With our foreclosure in December, many things got left behind, and sadly, my clothespin bag (among SO many other things) was one of them. I am scouring the internet to find an easy-peasy pattern so I can get those pins out of the plastic gallon ice cream bucket!!!

    1. Cyn, it was so nice to hear from you again! Best wishes with the clothespin has been so nice here, I've been hanging out most days. Very unusual for us in March!....Deb

  2. Ooooh! Love the muffin recipe. I was wondering what to make to take to the quilt guild potluck next week. Too much shredded zucchini left in my freezer too.

  3. The muffins look delicious! What is your muffin tin made of? It looks so pretty and rustic, and NOT non-stick, which is something I have been searching for!

    1. Brenna, thank you. The muffin pan is natural stoneware by The Pampered Chef. Surprisingly my husband found it one day while in a thrift store--it was new, still with the tag--and he bought it for me...a real bargain at $5! It's great for baking and non-stick once it's oiled....Deb

  4. Oh thank you for re-directing us to the muffin recipe! I was just looking through our freezer yesterday and found some hidden zucchini in the back. Need to get it cleaned out before the next gardening season!

  5. Never thought to add dried cherries to zucchini muffins. Brilliant idea and I bet they add the perfect zing. Love your blog.

  6. I was thinking in my head as I saw that muffin tin, "what a wonderful muffin pan that is"...then I saw in the comments that others had the same thought and discovered that it was Pampered Chef! I love that brand but do not have this wonderful piece YET!!!!!!!!

  7. Anonymous6:04 AM

    You have a beautiful blog! I read the entire thing last night (it took a while). I'm going to keep coming back to read new posts.

    1. Thanks so much for coming by!....Deb

  8. Anonymous10:26 AM

    arent you glad that spring is finally on it's way! My pastor saw robins yesterday in his yard! Yay!!!

  9. Great blog! I've been skimming through it and will come back for more. Your geranium looking out the window looks like mine! It's just beginning to bloom and stretching toward the outside, too.

  10. Ah, Spring, we are just going into Autumn, my favourite part of the year, Spring runs a close second. Just love the feel of the between seasons, not that we had a proper summer this year, it was wet and cooler than usual.


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