Wednesday, March 21, 2012


At first glance it doesn't look much like
Spring yet...other than the deep blue
sky, everything seems dull and dreary...

But as I take my daily walks,
I'm noticing more and more signs,
like the pussy willows almost bursting into
yellow bloom already...

and the rhubarb pushing through in front
of the south side of the barn where it's
nice and warm and sunny...

The primroses are looking bright and bold
in my otherwise barren flower bed...

And a golden retriever takes his
first Spring dip in the ditch...

Even my midmorning tea today
is put on a tray and carried outside...

Spring is good.


  1. It is good indeed! Our dog goes completely crazy, running around in the garden en soaking in the sun. Just love those bright blue skies!!

  2. I'm so glad you're seeing flowers and that it's warm enough for you to have morning tea outside!

  3. O ;pved tje pussywillows. They don't grow in my neck of the woods. I can almost feel the warmth from your post. Beautiful.

  4. I do love seeing the contrast from your area to mine down here in the south. Winter missed us all together this year and it already feels like summer!

  5. beautiful little primrose!
    spring is good!

  6. Thanks, Deb, for taking us along with you on your walk! I love to see nature pictures! We have a few jonquils here, but I can't wait to see more flowers soon. We hit 85 degrees today!
    We *finally* got chickens for the first time in my life! I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. :o) We have seven black somethings - LOL - I still don't know what kind they are. My husband got them from someone at work. Thank you for all your help with information! I started a book to journal about the experience so when we buy chicks for the first time next year, hopefully we'll have a little more to go on.

  7. Love how the rhubarb is popping through the soil. Promises of summer days and rhubarb pies....priceless!

  8. Lovely pictures of the Early Spring countryside! Primroses and Pussy Willows are my favorites. We are beginning to see spring here, too, (WA State) but have had a cold spell for a while with snow flurries off and on. I'll bet your tea was wonderful in the Spring Sunshine! xx

  9. I love spring....everything seems so new and refreshing!

  10. LOvely positive post!


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