Friday, March 16, 2012

some sewing

I have been searching my shelves & bins for
some fabric that I could use to test out a
and came across a white, nubby linen-like material
which was given to me.
Before any cutting, however, I had to tackle the
whole Japanese pattern issue--a sheet of multiple
sized patterns, lines all overlapping, and a bit
nerve-wracking to say the least.
I took a deep breath and decided to take it one line
at a time, carefully using a highlighter to outline
my desired went better than expected
and before I knew it, I had the pieces all traced out...

I found out that a spare roll of Tyvek paper from the
basement makes
great pattern paper--I unrolled the Tyvek, laid the
pattern sheet on top with a sheet of carbon paper
in between.  The Tyvek is perfect--tough, yet lightweight
and easy to pin through.
The pattern pieces are cut, and I've cut
out the fabric pieces for pattern 3c, the
drawstring dress--I'm just making a tunic length
since that's all the fabric I have enough for.
I really like the boatneck and the drawstring tie
around the waist...and no buttons or zippers required :)
Before starting that though, I've finished
up a few clothespin bags,
which can be found in the firefly farm shop...

Hope you have a wonderful Spring weekend,


  1. I really like your clothespin bags. They looks so good outside too. Lovely fabric. -Husfruas Memoarer-

  2. I like the outfit on the front of the book, and I really like the clothespin bags. Have fun. xx

    1. Thanks for the visit! ....Deb

  3. Your clothespin bags make me wish I had a clothesline!

  4. It's time to get the clothespin bags out! We had 78* today!

  5. The bags are beautiful. I live in an apartment, and wish I could dry clothe's on the would be grand!

  6. I love clothespin bags, they remind me of my Grandma. Although, yours are a lot prettier than the one she used.

  7. Love the fabric of the clothespin bags....looking forward to the tunic...the cover of the book indicates clean line clothing which I really love. Have a great weekend!

  8. I read the reviews of the sewing book on and one of them said that the large size is still like an American small size. I've found that to be true for Japanese knitting patterns, too.

  9. I just love visiting your blog! I get so much inspiration from you. I like that you can take something as utilitarian as a dish cloth or clothes pin bag and make it beautiful. Thank you so much!!

  10. I love your clothes pin bags. I've had a pattern and the want to make one for quite a while. You've spurred me one and inspired me.

  11. Your clothes pin bags are just adorable...I love them. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations.


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