Wednesday, July 11, 2012

blueberry mornings

When I wasn't looking, the blueberries suddenly ripened
and were begging to be picked--thank goodness for a husband
who takes note of such details :)
So, most mornings I escape {the mess in the house due
to multiple painting projects} at an early hour to the blueberry patch.
The air is still cool, and I am shaded in spots by the tall pines
that border the patch--in other spots the morning sun warms my back
as I pick the berries. 
The only sound is that of the songbirds sweetly singing good morning.
A dragonfly buzzes around under the netting and needs help to
make his escape.
These are the summer moments I hope always to remember.
Once inside I brew a pot of tea and then settle on the glider with a
lemon~blueberry muffin before heading back to my paintbrush,



  1. An ideal morning.

  2. Love the blueberry netting. My mom has about 4 bb bushes and the birds love them. I need to get her some netting. Especially since she shares her berries with me. ;-)
    Sounds like a perfect start to the day to me!

  3. how do you get inside or under the netting?

    hmmmmm I've got to try this.

    go make some decadent blueberry treats from Smitten Kitchen. I'm on my third dessert (whoa!! pounds!!) in the last week. they're. so. good.

    1. My netting doesn't go to the ground on the sides so it's easy to reach underneath or sometimes I duck right under the netting to pick.
      And, I've checked out Smitten Kitchen and just baked the blueberry crumb bars--can't wait to taste!...Deb

  4. They look yummy... no blueberries here yet... soon though!

  5. Sounds like peaceful, sweet mornings. You reminded me I haven't picked mine today!

  6. Karen A.5:43 PM

    Thanks for sharing...always best to do things like this in the early morning in the summer when it is quiet and you can listen to the birds. We have some baby blue birds that we enjoy watching.

  7. What a lovely morning you had. . .

  8. Oh goodness those blueberries look wonderful. I plan on planting some in my garden. I hope they are as bounteous as yours!

  9. Mmmm, delicious! I simply adore blueberries but for some reason they don't seem to grow here in Italy, or at least I've never seen any anywhere. There's nothing more satisfying than picking berries and either eating them fresh or making them into something delicious. One of lifes simplest yet greatest pleasures. x x

  10. wow, that's a lot of blueberries and they look yummy! I am sure you will be baking up a storm to eat those tasty blueberries


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