Friday, July 13, 2012

a Grand 4th of July

To celebrate the Fourth, we headed to the 'Grand Canyon of the East'
to enjoy the great hiking, views, and {for some of us} swimming...and,
a picnic lunch of course.  I made up a bunch of strawberry
hand pies from this recipe, and as it states, 'they are the best
pies for a picnic'.
The only disappointment was not being able to stay at
the Glen's lovely!
Maybe someday :)


  1. Thank you dear "friend", can I call you that even though we have never met? I have knit your waffle dishcloth so I think that qualifies :-)
    Thank you for your daily slice of beauty this side of Heaven.

    1. Thank you for considering me a friend :)
      Have a good weekend, Deb

  2. Gotta love Letchworth. It is one of my favorite places in the world.

  3. I was going to ask if it was THAT canyon then I realised it was too green. Stunning.

  4. That whole setting looks gorgeous! I'm glad you tried that CL recipe - I was toying with the idea - your endorsement, for me, is better than the GH seal of approval. =)

    1. I made a double batch and they were gobbled up--I think you'll like them. I will definitely be trying them with other fruits, like peach...Deb

  5. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Table Rock is our favorite picnic area there. It is where we meet the "fam" every father's day.

    1. We had our picnic lunch at table rock!--I was wishing I could have one of those 'tables' in my back yard :) ....Deb

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  8. I've been there! It's awesome to look down in to that.That part of the state is beautiful and was blessed to see it.


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