Thursday, November 01, 2012

in my workroom

This is my workroom two years ago...the little green chest of drawers is where I store all the little 'stuff' {zippers, elastic, seam bindings & bias tape, ink pads & stamps, etc}, and, it's the most recent piece to get a makeover...

Inspiration came from this chest of drawers pictured on the front of Homebound ezine {Fall 2011}

A little homemade chalk paint, a bit of distressing, some number stamps, and a wax finish were all that was needed...

Just two more pieces left to redo...



  1. What a great space to craft in. Cute little chest I like the redo!

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Oh, I love it! What a great idea to put on numbers. Looks fantastic!

    Michelle, Seattle, WA

  3. Now I want to number my drawers! How easy to yell out to someone - 'It's in drawer number 3!' I love it!

  4. This is just lovely! Thanks for posting. You have inspired me to get to work on my work area!

  5. Just love what you did, it's just lovely. I also knitted your waffle dishcloth and have to say, it's the best on I have ever made. It's sturdy and just perfect, Thank you.

  6. What a great re-do! Your workspace is lovely and full of ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Love the look of the chest.

    I am also working on my area, but not progressing really. Hope to get moving on it a bit more very soon, after sewing curtains for the hall, curtains for one of the bed rooms and hopefully getting some more knitting and sewing done for Christmas.

    Guess it will be next years project!!!

    God bless.

  8. Love the dresser but I thought it was pretty darn cute in the before too!

  9. Love it! What a cute idea!

  10. Very nice! I love it...and your cute little typewriter too. :)

  11. So cute! Love your work space! xx

  12. Very different with the numbers...I like!

  13. I love this piece Deb, great makeover!! The numbers add the perfect character to it.

  14. what a clever idea!
    i once saw numbers stenciled on the risers of stairs and dream of doing that to mine!!!

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