Thursday, February 07, 2013

ahh, the joys of country life...




Over the past couple weeks we've gone from 6 to 60 to 16...on the 60 degree day all the snow melted and it felt like spring.  I took advantage and cleaned out the hen house.  The girls have been back to work and busy, leaving me 4 to 6 beautiful eggs every day.

Right before the meltdown, my honey and I got out the cross country skiis--it was cold, but the sun was shining and the sky was a brilliant blue--great exercise!

Now we are back to cold and snow, with the chance of a little storm coming through tonight.  The necessity of exercising Fluffy gets me outdoors daily, walking the fields and lanes, for plenty of fresh air.  The snow reveals footprints of so many animals that have wandered through over night--deer, rabbits, a flock of turkey, fox, coyote, cats, and cute little meadow voles.  Disturbingly, Fluffy seems to think our jaunts are merely scavenger hunts for scat...frozen treats surely left behind just for her...ugh, we are earnestly trying to train her otherwise.

One of our two barn cats went missing a couple days ago...we are hoping he is just visiting with the neighbor barn cats and not a casualty of the growing coyote population.

Hope you're staying warm and cozy,



  1. There is nothing like a sunny winter day. We have had warm weather for about a week and it is wonderful to get outside. Coyotes are a real nuisance. Your barn cat no doubt has plenty of street smarts and hopefully will turn up safe and sound.

  2. What beautiful pictures! Your dog looks very comfortable under the bright crochet afghan. I'm a "crazy dog lady" so I have to ask, what kind of dog is she? Her lovely big head and thick neck remind me of my pit bull mix girl, so I had to ask! I wish we had some of your cold and snow down here in Oklahoma, it's so nice to have snow!

    1. Lori, you're right!...she's a pit bull/boxer mix and a real sweetheart; only a year and still full of energy. She's my son's, but I take care of her and affectionately call her Fluffy, {which is not really her name :) }....Deb

    2. My girl was full of energy, and quite a handful too, for at least four years. Now that she's around 7, she's much calmer. I like calling your son's dog Fluffy when she's a shorter haired dog, that's so funny!

  3. Hope your kitties are ok!!

  4. I do hope your kitty is safe and sound. Such weather..tho. not so bad here in the Pacific Northwest. Wishing all well.

  5. Deb, I just love your beautiful photos.

    I do hope your barn cat finds its way home.

    God bless.

  6. We warm up in the 70's some days...and then it gets cold and rainy. I'd rather have snow. Than cold and rainy...of course,those with snow,...would probably rather have 70's for temps.
    Getting outside on a sunny but brisk day for a walk...HAS to be fun. Why else would a person do it? LOL...

    I hope your kitty returns soon.

  7. There is nothing more satisfying then the country life. It's relaxing, grounding, totally makes life less complicating and more simple. Nature is the best. Love all your photographs.Enjoy your country eggs!

  8. I love your photo's and thats a beautiful crocheted blanket. Hope your cat returns soon.

  9. I love the perspective in your photos. We are very lucky to live the life we have, aren't we. Wishing the best for your cat. Please keep us posted.

  10. We had a trio of coyotes steal kittens right from our door step a few years back( during a brief spell without a farm dog!).
    Between the hawks, eagles, coyotes and wolves the cat population seems to stay stable despite yearly kittens.


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