Monday, April 15, 2013

rocker redo

This is what I've been working on a little bit the last couple weekends.
My goal for this year is to complete as many unfinished projects
as possible, and I will be really happy to check this one off the
list...I think it will make a nice spot to sit, relax, and maybe do a bit of finishing that sweater I started a couple years ago :)
This rocker, a yard sale find, has been in the basement so long
that I no longer remember what sort of seat it may have had
when I bought it.
I'm fairly certain it was not rush, but since I have a couple rolls
of rush material on hand, which has also been stashed in the basement
for a long time, that's the seat the rocker shall have.
It's been 20+ years since I took a class on doing rush seats,
so I found a video to refresh my memory--
it's coming along,
though a bit wonky in spots.
I'll just be happy to have it done.


  1. Oh it is going to be beautiful when it is done!

  2. What a great video! He makes it look so easy...I might just have to find a chair to play with =-)

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post...and the video you linked to. I've seen chairs like this in antique stores and they are usually falling apart. So, I just pass right by them. Now, I not only have an appreciation for them, I want to weave one myself. It looks like so much fun!

  4. This is looking great, maybe you will post a finished photo when its done?

  5. You are doing a beautiful job on your chair!

  6. Your chair is going to be beautiful when you are finished. I watched the entire video due to the curiosity I've always had with these type of chairs. Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. That is a great video!!! I'm so happy you shared that with us and I bet I have some rush in my decades old cadre of stuff, too....not I'm wondering if there's a chair around here (you know it's a yes......)

    I loved watching the vid and all the little tips..oh! and you're going to love your chair!

  8. Beautiful! My mom used to cane chairs, and I'm glad she pushed me to learn on her grandmother's rocker. Mine is a bit wonky; but after over 35 years, it's still holding up. Your work looks really good; thanks for sharing.


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