Wednesday, April 17, 2013

between the April showers

Winter's hold on us seems to have ended
as we begin to have a day here & there
of sunshine and blue skies in between the frequent April showers.
The daffodils and primroses are the first here to bloom.
I've started work in the raised beds,
turning the soil and weeding,
and planting some lettuce and spinach.
I planted a bed of garlic since the cloves I planted
last fall never came up.
I pruned the raspberries and blackberries,
though not sure I really know what I'm doing there...
The hens are happy to be outside and scratching around
to their heart's content.
The new chicks are on order and scheduled to arrive
in May.
I took a pair of clippers out to the edge of the woods and
cut some grapevines for a wreath.
I gathered some pussy willows, stuck them in,
and hung it on the front door - somehow it
makes Spring seem more official.
And, the elan mitts are now checked off the projects-to-finish list.
I am so happy I discovered  faux" fairisle!


  1. Hi Deb, your mitts are just gorgeous! As is your wreath - I have a serious case of envy for both! As always, your photos are beautiful. Warmest regards to you and your family.

  2. It is SO good to be able to get outside again. but isn't it awesome to see all you've accomplished through the winter?
    LOVE the mitts...and the wreath.

  3. Lovely photo's and great mitts!

  4. I really like your elan mitts and the faux fair isle technique. I might have to make a pair. Here in IL Spring has been slowly taking hold, much cooler than the past two years and that is fine with me. Last year we had such awful heat and drought, so I don't mind the rain and cooler temps.

  5. Anonymous10:27 AM

    The mitts are beautiful! I planted garlic and the squirrels ate some of the bulbs. Not all, though, so maybe they didn't like them! This is probably a good time to trim your berry bushes. If they are at all like grapevines...I know from touring our local Dupont museums/homes that their gardeners trim in early spring.

  6. Faux Faire Isle? Tell us more!

  7. LOVE your wreath!! I was just mentioning to my Mom I wanted to get some pussy willows. It sounds like your weather is much like ours. Your photos are always so lovely!

  8. Your mitts are exquisite! I don't know if I'd even try Fair Isle.

  9. Love the simple wreath. It looks lovely.

  10. Good work on getting unfinished projects done!! Those fingerless mitts look beautiful.

    God bless


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