Thursday, May 30, 2013



One of our stops on our way home from Tennessee,
{and my favorite},
was Berea, Kentucky.
We took a student guided tour of Berea College, which has a very
In addition to their course of study {it's a liberal arts college}, all students are required to work at least 10 hours a week.  Many learn traditional
Appalachian crafts such as broom making, weaving, jewelry, ceramics, and furniture making.  These items can then be seen and purchased at several
places, including The Log House Craft Gallery.
I was so happy to come home with the beautiful ceramic bowl
and honey dipper pictured above.
I had my heart set on purchasing their Cottage broom,
but sadly they were all sold out--luckily there is a catalog as well...


  1. I was able to spend a few hours in Berea several times when I lived in the Southeast. It is a wonderful experience in a wonderful place!

  2. Wow, hope sometime to do some traveling down in that area. Now that Harvey is retired it looks like we may just have the time to hop in the car and drive.....

    Love the look of those brooms and straw whisk brooms.

    God bless.

  3. I love Berea. I'm going to be in Kentucky next week, I wonder if I could make a quick detour. :)

  4. How inspiring - makes me want to go to school to learn to make!

  5. Sounds like a fun place to visit! :-)

  6. Looks like a fun trip xo

  7. Isn't Berea wonderful! I can't wait to make a visit soon!

  8. I was looking for knitted dishcloth patterns and found your blog. Of course, I started down a bunny trail looking at your posts and .. I am now so homesick. I've been in OK since 1974 and miss Appalachia very much. It's funny that I don't pronounce it like other folks. Maybe it's a regional thing - Anyhow, I first saw the farm and I grew up on a dairy farm and then I saw more and more crafting. Crafting was a big part of the time my mother and I spent together. Due to a disability, I'm not able to craft nearly as much as I would like. I had to retire early. My daughter just asked me to make her some dishcloths. She asks for very few homemade things. She has asked me to made a quilt for her from salvaged sorority t-shirts from college. So, I hope to get started on that as soon as it cools down a bit. Thanks for sharing your crafts with us.


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