Wednesday, June 05, 2013

June goings-on

It's been good clothesline hanging weather here, sunny and breezy.  In between we have a day or two of rain which
is keeping everything growing and green.
Most of the rose bushes are blooming and the peonies are soon to open.
We added two more raised beds to our garden.
I have some tomatoes, dill, zinnias, corn, and viney things left to get planted.  I'm still cleaning out flower beds
that haven't been gotten to yet this Spring--ugh! 
Thankfully, the end is in sight...well...there is no real end
to the weeding, but the worst will be done.
We've been eating lots of salads with our lettuces and radishes.
The strawberries are just beginning to ripen,
and I hope to find at least a handful to pick tonight.
The new chicks are almost 2 weeks old and doing well.  This little
one was quite happy until I carried her outside to the grass,
where she froze, unmoving for the camera.
This morning I baked rhubarb crumb bars to have with tea.
They are delicious, so if you have any rhubarb handy,
you might want to give them a try.  Recipe is from Martha
and can be found here.


  1. I don't often leave a comment Deb, but I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy visiting. You have created a space of warmth and welcoming comfort. I feel such a sense of peace.

  2. Your grass around your raised beds looks so lush and 'sticker-free'!
    I love having raised beds for the ALMOST WEEDLESS FACTOR. So much easier than tilling the ground and trying to keep weeds out of the garden.
    I love hanging laundry... my favorite chore,really.

    we're enjoying June too... Pat

  3. Lovely! What colour and breed is your chick? I just hatched some Australorps crossed with Ameraucanas and 1 chick came out looking almost identical to that one in your picture. I don't know what colour Ameraucana they were crossed with...

  4. I love all your photo's, they make me want to get outside and enjoy this beauty of nature. There is nothing like a good drying day right?! We have been wanting to get chickens for over a year, but we are worried about rats. I think it is still on the cards, what chickens do you have? Your lettuces are looking great. It is so wonderful to grow your own veg. Happy week to you xo

  5. Wow, it so so lovely and green.

    Glad you are getting enough sunshine to get out and weed or hang laundry on the lines. Nothing like the smell of laundry off of the line.

    God bless.

  6. The laundry is lovely! It makes me want a clothes line of my own (OK, and the raised beds are something else I hope to have too) thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos!

  7. I used to love staying the night at my husband's grandmother's house when we would visit her each summer because she would hang her old cotton sheet out to dry. They smelled and felt so wonderful. My husband even asked me the other day, "Where can we get sheets like that."


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