Thursday, May 02, 2013

May flowers

Spring is here and we are spending as much time as possible outdoors--there is sooo much weeding to be done, seeds to plant, and outdoor furniture to paint.  The tulip and daffodils we've put in the last two falls are putting on an amazing the flower beds, up the lane, alongside the barn, around the pasture fence, and next to the henhouse.  Soon the allium and lilacs will be in bloom.
Each day we have geese in the cornfield next door, living happily off the leftovers of last year's harvest.  Bluebirds are nesting in one of the birdhouses on the pasture fence posts and barn swallows in the other.
The rhubarb is ready to pick, and I am hoping to make Clarice's recipe for Rhubarb cakes later today.
I found some good books at the library this week but haven't had much time to spend with them, so they are waiting patiently for a rainy day.  I also have a new craft to learn--needle punch!  My oxford punch needle came this week and I did a little practicing--it's easier than I thought it would be, but I still need to practice my technique--I think my stitches are a bit too dense and crowded, but that just makes the cloud look a bit puffy, right?   :)  This is going to be perfect for using up bits of leftover wool!


  1. Wow you worked hard in the fall to plant all those tulips. Well worth it. I am glad I didn't do any because we have snow today and maybe tomorrow.

  2. Lovely photos. We've been hard at work sprucing up the outdoors too. So happy to have warmer weather again. :-) Your punch project sounds like fun.

  3. hello homespun,
    lovely springflowers. love the colours of the tulips.
    great blog!
    Have a nice evening,

  4. Oh your garden looks lovely. I love seeing flowers. It is just starting to warm here, so maybe something will bloom. Enjoy for me. and I hope you like the GF rosey cakes xox

  5. And suddenly it's spring! We don't get those huge changes in season that you do so it always fascinates me.

  6. Me too, outside if weather permits! Your tulips are gorgeous! Do the deer bother them? Are you designing your own punch needle project or was it a kit? Do you use wool material or woo yarn? I've been wanting to try it myself. Your landscaping is inspiring!

  7. Your flowers are lovely! Well worth the effort of all that planting! Love your new craft. Can't wait to see it finished. Pretty photo of the geese in the field. xx

  8. Isn't it wonderful to have color again? I like the variety of books you are reading. Please keep us posted on needle punch. Have a great sunny day, Deb!

  9. Your flowers are beautiful!!! We are slowly but surely getting out and making some progress on our yard. Harvey expects to be able to work up the garden and plant the potatoes soon.

    Let us know how the new craft works out. It looks very interesting.

    God bless.

  10. All your flowers look so pretty! This year, we planted rhubarb for the third time. I'm saving Clarice's recipe for the future, in hopes the third time's a charm.

  11. I love the geese popping up among the grasses. Excellent!


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