Monday, April 22, 2013

in my kitchen recently

Last week's weather took us from summer to winter and back again.
We had sunshine, 80 degrees, blustery wind, rain, snow, lows in
the 20's...a bit of everything.  One day we would keep cozy by the
woodstove, another day would find us out in short sleeves
working in the yard and garden.
I had a sudden craving for Swedish visiting cake,
which I haven't made in a long while, for teatime.
I think it may have had something to do with watching
and the fact that someone is always serving tea with cake,
biscuits, or cookies in each episode.

I also made some lotion bars.  I've been wanting to try
these and finally got around to making them.  They're
very simple and I found the recipe here.
I used a combination of shea butter and cocoa butter,
with the beeswax and olive oil.
My lotion bars don't glide on as I thought they would,
but seem a bit tacky/sticky.  Maybe it's the shea butter
or my beeswax--not really sure, but I do still like
them and the fact that they don't leave any oiliness
on my skin.

I also made up an anti-aging serum, which I found
This smells wonderful with geranium and lavender and
leaves my face feeling soft...
I am also counting on it's anti-aging properties! :)
Hope your weekend was good.


  1. I just thought of making this cake too. I made it after you posted it last time- so yummy! And I'm loving Call the Midwife too.

  2. I have no discipline where it comes to cake. I only make it for special occasions now, or at least until I drop 10lbs.
    I'll try your serum. I would much rather make my own lotions and potions. The active ingredients in commercial products are so minimal they have no effect. I am a fan of Kiss My Face lotion though, it really does make my skin softer.

  3. Our weather is similar here in PA. It is crazy!
    I love seeing the things you make! I would love to be able to come across all the right ingredients for those things! Maybe one day! :)

  4. We were still in the midst of winter until today, it seems to be warming up nicely now though.

    Tea and cake, lovely. The only problem would be I would eat it all in one day or so.

    God bless.

  5. Oh, the cake sounds so good. I am going to make this =-) I copied the one with almonds, too. I'm trying to plan my yearly trip(s) to my NYS home, so the weather there is always of interest to me. Right now I am enjoying life here at home in SoCA, gardening, watching things grow and enjoying the mild temps. I wrote about Earth Day today, it was so beautiful here I just had to share. I haven't written a blog post in so long. A perfect day to celebrate the planet and Mother Nature! Happy Spring!

  6. Your cake looks wonderful. I am glad you are enjoying Call the Midwife. I had read the book some years back and was glad when they made it into a series. We have just finished Series 2 over here in the UK and I I look forward to the next series when it comes along :)

  7. I with you I love the call of the midwife only when it comes to anti-aging. I think we should all just be as we are aging is meant to be. I am proud of all my wrinkles, I want my children to see it as it always has been until technolgy most look at these. Love who you are every single little flaw.

  8. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Your cake looks delicious, and I will have to see Call the Midwife. So many are talking about it, but I still have not watched.

    I do hope spring will settle in for all. Our temps keep fluctuating too.
    blessings, jill

  9. Hi Deb,

    The cake looks so yummy! Recently, I have been taking tea with a few treats to sample. I love how it makes me slow down:) Also, I love your blog. I was reading it the other day and all of a sudden I got a warning about malware:( Everything seems ok now. thank you for all your wonderful inspirations. Darby Logan

  10. I absolutely love your blog. It feels so warm and cozy... it feels like home when I visit your page:) I will have to watch Call the Midwife. I just finished Downton Abby and it was super fab!!
    Thanks so much for blogging, and happy spring (although it snowed here today):)

  11. So glad you love the do I! Call the Midwife is my favorite right now. Netflix has the whole first season on instant stream. That cake looks delicious!


  12. Obhhh thank you for the reminder of the visiting cake. I LOVE call the midwife and this is just the kind of cake they would serve!! Clarice


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