Friday, November 22, 2013

November days


November here has been unpredictable--a few days almost summerlike, a few more days downright frigid.  The warm days are spent outside in the garden:
  • more raised beds cleaned out
  • raspberry and blackberry canes trimmed back
  • strawberry beds weeded
  • garlic planted
  • baskets and tools cleaned up and organized in the barn
  • seeds gathered from the zinnias
The colder days mean more time to fit in sewing and knitting projects:
  • a new batch of drawstring pouches are almost finished
  • a gray wool capelet was knit and then quickly unraveled when I decided it just wasn't what I wanted
  • a new project was immediately cast on with same yarn--hoping for better results this time...
  • some new zipper pouches are in the works
  • planning some gifty knitting and sewing
Meanwhile, I'm making ready for our Thanksgiving celebration--menu planning, grocery shopping, and some fall cleaning...there's also a farmhouse table on our woodworking to do list, but I'm not sure we'll make our Thanksgiving deadline...

Are you getting ready for the holidays?


  1. Sounds like you are very busy. Pretty pics!!

  2. We have had hard frosts earlier than usual. I wasn't prepared and have lost some veggies. It will teach me to plan ahead. I love the embroidery. I have a few pieces done by my grandmother. time to get them out.

  3. mm garden is a sleep, tools put away here too. Zinnia's seeds picked and stored.
    Collecting yarn to crochet,puzzles to put together, stocking up on hot cocoa, wanting to buy something to embroidery. sewing projects, lots of reads, preparing for Thanksgiving...expecting 58 or more. Love this time of the year...Lovely post and pictures.

  4. This post was a blessing to me this evening. Peace. Beauty. A relaxed view of your "to do" list. Thank you!

  5. I am just tired reading this post :-)! I so admire anyone that can rip out a knitting project, I can do it but it takes A LOT of effort! You are an inspiration, after doing your waffle dishcloths I'm back to knitting, I didn't realize how much I missed this hobby. Now I want my Hubby to plant garlic.. :-)

  6. Garden was put to bed here in October as it was already getting pretty darn cold out.

    Now I am busy baking for Christmas (Thanksgiving here is in October) and making a few afghans to give as Christmas gifts.

    The days are short now and I like nothing better then to curl up in my recliner in the evening and work on my knitting.

    God bless.

  7. So lovely. It's been three weeks of tears for me as I've lost my dear friend and my mother in love to Heaven, which of course means they are not truly lost.
    I am praying for peace to enjoy December.

    1. Laura,
      I am sorry to hear of your loss and will say a prayer for you both...Deb

  8. That flower print makes me remember a maternity dress that I made for myself, about 31 years ago!
    A question about your you buy them at one store or do you get them at auctions and thrift stores? They all seem to be of the same material, but very different styles and sizes, it makes your home and work spaces look so organized and pleasing to the eye.

    1. Melissa,
      I've picked up my baskets at flea markets and yard sales mostly. I love baskets because they're beautiful and useful!

  9. Beautiful photos - starting my morning out right! Thanks for sharing. Also, I LOVE the sweater pillow from your previous post. I've been saving a sweater for just such a project, but not confident enough to actually do it. Now that I see how nicely yours turned out, I'm feeling brave enough to give it a go.


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