Thursday, September 18, 2014

changing seasons...

As I sit typing, the honking of Canadian geese flying past can be heard outside the window.  They are a daily sight now as they prepare for their flights south. Though still summer here, the weather has become quite autumn-like and those warm days at the lake are just a pleasant memory.

The garden is winding down--I am picking raspberries, peppers, and a few tomatoes.  This past week I dug the red potatoes, and I still need to harvest the celery and onions.  There are a few pumpkins and many gourds ripening; but no sign of the winter squash I planted. 
I would love to do some sun-dried tomatoes in the dehydrator if time permits--they are the best on homemade pizza!

Yesterday I washed the outside of all our windows {which were looking quite dirty now that the sun is lower in the sky} so the new owners can enjoy the view through sparkling clean glass.

Our closing date is tentatively set for the first week of October, so we're really stepping up the pace on packing!  It's quite chaotic here, but thankfully we have been offered a parsonage to rent while we wait to start building our home in the spring.  

Thank you so much for your encouragement and well-wishes!!


  1. Love all of your beautiful photos! Hope your move goes well.

    1. Thank you again for keeping up the blog while you are so busy with getting ready to move. In looking at your lovely flower/plant photos, will you be able to take any of your plantings with you when you move? like the beautiful clematis. I can't tell you how happy it makes me feel when you post photos of your garden - it is so lovely.

  2. It's very autumn-y looking in your part of the world Deb.

    "Yesterday I washed the outside of all our windows {which were looking quite dirty now that the sun is lower in the sky}" made my mouth drop in recognition! Half an hour ago I noticed the angle of the morning sun on he lounge room windows and noted I'd better get to them this weekend!

  3. I have just sat and looked through your beautiful photos and read so e of your posts, you are so busy and achieve so much! And you're preparing to love...goodness me! I can't wait to see the house you will be building, his sounds like lots of work but I am sure it will be an amazing experience too

  4. I, too, want to thank you for keeping your blog going when you have so many demands on your time at the moment. Your photos and writing have the ability to both calm me and call me to action.

  5. Best wishes on all your doings and your moving too.

  6. Best of fun in your move and adventures!

  7. Just thinking of you this morning, and wanted to check in here. Hoping and praying all has gone well with your move and you are getting settled in to your new (temp) place now. I know you will make it home, and it will be lovely. Best wishes!


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