Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Over the weekend...

I did get 5 pints of peaches frozen and baked 'Martha's' peach & blueberry cobbler with vanilla bean, cream biscuits---delicious!


  1. Yum, peaches!!!

    God bless.

  2. Looks great!! :)

  3. oooo...i have peaches; i have blueberries!!! guess what i'm going to make?

  4. Be happy you live where you do. NW Ohio area has very few peaches this year due to harshness of this past winter. In fact, some growers lost their entire crop.

  5. I noticed on one of your latest instagram photos a hanging pot rack in the kitchen...have we ever seen that before? Just curious. Assuming you have found a new place to reside for awhile now.

    1. Hi Melissa! That pot rack has been hanging there for a long time--maybe it just hasn't made it into my pictures.
      We still don't have a closing date...probably in a couple weeks, and then we will be moving into a rental until we build our new home.


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