Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a weekend in June...

It was a perfect weekend--a garden show and dinner overlooking the Niagara River on Saturday, some kayaking and time spent with the kids on Father's Day, and even a little time in between to work on a couple projects. 

It helped us forget, for a while, the fact that we were not able to break ground on the new house, Monday, as planned...the driveway was put in last week, and then the excavator dug a test hole for the basement, which quickly filled up with water {those June showers!!}.  The recommendation is to wait a couple weeks and see if the water table has receded. I have to keep telling myself, patience.....

Last year I started stripping the old upholstery from this Eastlake chair, which had belonged to my aunt.  Last week I carried it up from the basement, deciding to get it finished.  Several layers of fabric and many upholstery tacks later, I am finally down to the padding, much of which will need to be replaced.  It has apparently been recovered several times, and the wood is riddled with so many nail holes that I hope I will be able to successfully attach new fabric.  Hoping this goes well...

I found this little lamp for a few dollars at a yard sale last year.  The covering on the shade was not salvageable, so I have been looking for a replacement.  Nowhere though, have I come up with something just the right size.  Recently I was at an antique shop and saw a shade that someone had wrapped vertically with a narrow strip of fabric, so I figured I could come up with something and just get by with this shade for now.  In a drawer I had some of this vintage, wide cotton tape.  I attached the end with some hot glue and started wrapping, trying to figure out how to make it look somewhat decent.  One continuous length of tape would be the ideal, but since I have four lengths, I am gluing the ends together with some Aleene's OK to Wash-It 4oz glue*.  I hide the join on the inside, and so far it seems to be holding just fine. Halfway there...

Working on any project lately?...I would love to hear about them,


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  1. I do hope you can recover your chair. I can hardly wait to see what fabric you have chosen.

    God bless.

  2. Using muslin scraps, I did the same for a (more rustic) lamp I had. It looks fresh! Just finished 18 cotton dishcloths - 12 for the teachers at a stitching weekend and 6 for friends I meet tonight that I haven't seen for 20+ years. How frustrating to have to hurry up and wait on the house :\ but maybe you will get lots of projects completed.

  3. while reading this before seeing the photo... I thought for sure you were going to wrap this horizontally, (though you said you'd seen one done vertically) ... I thought you might weave it.
    I want to see the finish!
    That chair is lovely! I hope you're successful getting it covered.
    Your trip sounds fun!

  4. I always look forward to see what projects you're working on. What a clever way to cover a lampshade. Hope the chair covering goes well.


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