Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Over the Fourth...

It was a good July Fourth weekend here with great weather.  We had a wonderful dinner with the kids and then headed down to the lake to enjoy the sunset.  There just happened to be a sailboat race taking place, which {along with the swimming geese} made the view especially picturesque.

One morning we got up and decided to take a bike ride along the canal towpath.  

I really miss having my own yard and gardens!, but being a renter has given us a little more time for recreation--and Mother Nature can be counted on to make some beautiful wildflower gardens...

I took advantage of some Joann Fabric sales combined with coupons and bought some fabrics for a coverlet and pillows.  It has probably been well over 15 years since I made our current duvet cover out of some Ralph Lauren fabric, which I still love but felt it was time for something new.
I really like this double-faced, diamond quilted cotton, that puffed up so nicely after being washed and dried.

I also made a new dog bed cover, with enough fabric left over for a couple sofa cushions.

Our basement for the new house is still on hold, with a tentative date of July 20.  The inspection hole alternates between being filled with water and being almost empty, depending upon the rains.  According to the local weather, there were only two days in June without rain...we're hoping for a drier July!


  1. Wishing for a drier July here too in Illinois. Wettest June on record for us. So far, we've had many more sunny, hot days to my liking in July, but it did rain today - ugh. Love your pretty photos. Happy July : )

  2. Love the coverlet diamond quilted cotton piece!

  3. I always love to see what you are making Deb! :) And the basket on your bike is just *perfect*!!! :D

  4. I always enjoy your pictures of the lake Deb.

  5. Beautiful part of the world you live in!

    I love how your dog bed and your cushions will all tie in - I'm lucky if I can get a pair of matching socks on my mottly bunch of boys here! *sigh* It looks so beautiful and serene. :)


  6. It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Love the pictures of the lake, so peaceful.

    God bless.

  7. Gorgeous scenery and projects!

  8. Fingers crossed that you can start your basement on the 20th!


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