Tuesday, July 12, 2011

at the lake

One beautiful day last week, we packed some
a thermos of tea,
and our bikes
into the truck and headed to the lake.
As we unloaded our bikes
and goodies, I dropped the thermos of tea
and the glass inside smashed into a
hundred pieces--graceful I'm not.
Once we got to the beach,
it was impossible to be sad,
and, the muffins were enjoyed, while sitting
on some drift wood, along
with the view.

I found some sea glass
and two more heart stones for the

I've added a pair of sea glass earrings
to my crafty to-do list...



  1. I like the wire wrapped.  You are very talented to make such lovely jewlery.

  2. That sounds like a simply perfect afternoon. I would definitely love a pair of sea glass earrings, wire-wrapped please.  :)

  3. Kerichojoy5:54 PM

    The scenery is beautiful. Sorry about the thermos!

  4. American lakes look like little beaches to my Aussie eyes. It sounds like a lovely time Deb.

  5. Sea glass earrings, lovely!  Is it possible to drill a teensy hole in them for a wire?  Check these out http://www.bayareawj.com/5-san-francisco-jewelry-designers-that-we-love/.  No surprise I would love the spring green color and the simple design!

  6. DebbyMc (Quiltnbee)4:18 AM

    I like the wire wrapped =-) Beautiful photos!

  7. Cybèle de Jong4:24 AM

    I'd say without wire wrapping, but then I love sea glass so much that I wouldn't want anything around it to obscure it.

  8. Patti5:17 AM

    A splendid day and lovely treasures to remember it by... aaahhh summertime! How about a pair of each?

  9. Stephanie Campbell8:13 AM

     I vote for no wire :-)

  10. sewnup7:32 AM

    Sorry to hear about your tea. 

    I like the wire wrapped. 

  11. Thanks Stephanie--I think I'm going to order the special drill bit and try those.

  12. If I can find enough sea glass for two matching sets, I think I will--thanks Patti!

  13. Thanks for the input!

  14. I'm really going to have to try both!

  15. Those are simple and gorgeous!

  16. It is one of the Great Lakes, so it is quite large. Thanks for the visit Rose!

  17. Wouldn't it be fun to have a little sea-glass-earring-making party!


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